10 Tips for Social Media Optimisation

Social media marketing is certainly one of the fastest growing marketing channels which will have a great impact over search engine’s ranking as well as driving more traffic to your site. The reason is simple, it allows people or consumers directly to interact you and understand more about your brand. Many companies even use it as a customer service channel, by assisting their consumers at the earliest opportunity. Hence, its optimisation plays an important role in driving traffic. Let’s now look at a few of these tips that could be successfully used to optimise your social media channels.


  1.    Socialising: It is important to check other people’s profile, show interest in them and make new followers, etc. to expand the network so this can then be used to your benefit at a later date.
  2.    Using Multimedia: The multimedia elements, such as videos, pictures, etc. this can be used to create an interesting profile that attracts viewers. It is also useful from a branding point of view.
  3.    Using Social Icons: Social sharing icons should be used below each of your blog posts to ensure all social media links are easily sharable.Image
  4.    Staying Consistent: It is crucial to come up with fresh content for Social Media Marketing Manchestersites so that friends and followers can stay updated on your company and brand. You should also create a social media schedule for posts and updates; planning is key!
  5.    Optimising for Keywords: Have your keyword mentioned within your profile and optimise them accordingly to the designed strategy to help users easily find your business.
  6.    Completing Your Profile: Make sure that your profiles on all your different social media sites are fully complete, so your target audience is aware of the same.
  7.    Watching visitors’ behavior: Use the different analytical tools that are currently available, this way you can track, monitor and analyse your users’ engagement.
  8.    Encouraging visitors to share: Compelling content should be created so that visitors can share your fresh content. Interesting and interacting content is believed to be lot more helpful in engaging your audience and getting them to participate in the discussion.
  9.    Considering the timing: You should schedule posts regularly and track the results, always being aware of high traffic timing, helping you know the best time to interact with prospective customers. Such data is hugely beneficial and ultimately leads to a much better response.
  10.    Focusing on reader’s interest: You should not just focus on topics about yourself or your products, but instead users’ interest too. The posts should be interactive and informative such that they are liked, re-tweeted, etc. by users.

The positive response of social media sites is no doubt doing wonders for many businesses around the world. Whether you are large corporate or small organisation, a SMO Packageschannel could take you to a new level. So, get your website optimised and don’t forget to optimise your social media sites too. Make sure your profile is updated today on all your different sites and try and to follows the above tips and techniques to get a better response for you and your company.

Zool digital We are the complete digital marketing agency based in Stockport (South Manchester). 
Are you looking to promote your brand in the digital world? The team at Zool will work with you, to build a multi faceted digital presence from the foundations up. We are experts in website design, SEO, social media marketing, PPC and video testimonials.



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