SEO Tips for Web designers

Is your website driving in enough traffic? Are your SEO efforts bringing desirable results? Quite often the website design needs to be reconsidered to ensure better SEO results. Working in this direction, more people have started to redesigning their websites to ensure that their pages are fully optimised for search engines and that there is a positive user experience for potential consumers. There are numerous reasons behind this approach, it is vitally important that you do not let your site turn obsolete and become dated, this will scare away potential clients. Hence, it is advised that you brush up your site from time to time using the latest trends. Continuous efforts to make the website better helps website owners earn users’ trust. Furthermore, recent research has proven that it is also necessary from a business point of view for this very reason. The business changing approach and marketing methods should also take this into consideration. Hence, redesigning a website is believed to be a prude investment. As well as improving upon conversion rate, increasing user engagement it will ultimately lead to better SEO and the user experience that will be improved through better navigation of the website


Let’s focus on a few SEO tips and SEO Cheshire provide that web designers should start to look at to ensure better results.

  • Research your performance, ranking and keywords

It is important to check out the performance of the site so that you can compare the results using Google Analytic and Google Webmaster Tools. This provides a solid baseline benchmark for you to evaluate once the redesign has been completed. It is advised to consider the keywords that are working for you. Google Analytics can again be used to keep a close check on this. Always have a record on how ranking changes with your different keywords.

  • Choose the landing page carefully

Choose the pages of your site that perform best for your site. The landing page chosen should be relevant to the list of keywords. You can also look up Google Analytics to get the fully defined list of pages bringing traffic to your site. Both keywords and landing pages will help you to get a solid site structure.

•   Create a great site structure

The site structure should be strategically designed so that it doesn’t have a negative impact on the performance of the site. Working with this in mind, you should keep a check over the page level of top landing pages, using audit tools. The level of landing page should not increase. Another important point to ponder over is to get a list of internal links or landing pages, using Google webmaster tools. Focus on anchors used in internal links.

  • Check the backlinks

It can be considered useful that you to know the location and number of backlinks for your site. A robust link profile could really work wonders in attracting visitors. Hence, before you redesign the website, ensure you know about these links. Today, there are many available tools that will help you extract link profile for your website.

  • Stick to gradual changes

It is advisable to divide redesign into smaller piece, rather than redesigning the whole site in one go.Search Engine Optimization Companyworks in different tasks and By working on smaller areas within your site you are ensuring you have full control of any updates and this will help you you enjoy better advantages.

Do you want to redesign your website? Do you want to minimize SEO losses? If so then please follow the above tips and you and your company can enjoy the benefits and returns



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