How To Future-Proof Your SEO for Penguin and Panda

Major news broke within the SEO world this week, Google’s Panda 4.0 algorithm is now in full force, but what exactly does this mean for your site? Well this new Panda update ensures that poor quality content gets pushed down whilst better written lesser-known quality get pushed up, which is good news for bloggers and sites all round.


With this update now live, we will see a number of websites fall victim to Googles changing algorithms and you can guarantee that Google will not stop here with the updates, so now will be the best time to review your content and future proof your SEO for Penguin and Panda. Let’s review a few tactics and strategies that look to bring about better results for your page.so most of Search Engine Optimisation Company are working on these points-

SEO Trends

One of the most important aspects is adopting a sound SEO strategy, a good strategy has clear direction and focusing on reults in the long term and to develop a good SEO strategy, you have to keep up to date with current news and trends in the SEO world. The Panda and Penguin algorithms were launched to fight against web spamming which ensures quality search results for the end user. Bloggers need to focus on organic techniques which could be beneficial to the search and remember, no spam!

Quality Content

Whilst keywords are indeed a crucial factor in SEO, they will do nothing for your site unless the content is of good quality. The content should be valuable and informative to the end user, the text needs to flow correctly and let’s never forget the importance of good grammar. Use your keywords wisely within your content, them regularly within sentences imparts your sites message with dexterity which ultimately gives you a search engine boost.

Domain Names

The SEO Services UK world has long changed and decietful SEO tactics simply will not work anymore, having an exact domain name to fetch rankings is now no longer in fashion. You can’t simply rely on the domain name to fetch ranking anymore, as we’ve aready covered, it’s all about the quality content. Since September 2012, the EMD update has forced bloggers and professionals to use more robust and fairer tactics to drive in traffic to their sites. If you want to take advantage of the domain name in SEO you should optimize the phrases around the domain. Hence, why it is better to have an attention grabbing, memorable brand name.


 Links & Link building

It’s official, bad links do not work, every one of us are aware of the fact that the more working quality links you have, the better it is for page ranking. As picked up upon in the last blog, people started to use paid ranking, which is a big no no and now Google has improved it’s algorithm so it lays more stress on the context of the link itself.

So in conclusion, remember to spend time keeping up to date with new SEO trends ensuring your site and tactics do not fall victim to Googles ever changing algorithms. If you always remember to perform decent and quality tactics then you will always gather a search engine boost, which helps keep your site out on top.


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