Important SEO Tips for beginners

Do you want to get online customers? Do you want to establish yourself as brand identity in the online world? The best technique that is believed to be helpful in enhancing your website visibility as well as ranking on search engine result pages is SEO, Search Engine Optimisation. There are two different parts of SEO, on-page SEO and off-page SEO that further includes different analysis and techniques, such as social media optimisation, keyword analysis, directory submission, etc.


Let’s go through few of the important tipsby SEO company Stockport for beginners.

1.   Keyword Research: It is an important SEO activity that optimises search engine with respect to certain keywords. These words are used by users to find a relevant website. Professionals could use different tools and software to find relevant keywords for a certain website.

2.   Keyword Density: The keyword density should be somewhere around 2-4%, and the keywords should appear within the text in a meaningful way. Overstuffing of keywords might be related to spamming. Hence, the content should be written carefully with keywords at right places, else you might not get the desirable results.

3.   Optimise Page Titles & Meta Description: The pages on the website should have a unique title tag and Meta description. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing read this information to understand the content.

4.   Say No To Duplicate Content: The recent Google updates have directly manifested the important of quality and informative content in ranking of a website. The duplicate content should not be used to avoid the trap. The use of such content violates the search engine guidelines and hence, has negative user experience.

5.   Create an XML Sitemap: Sitemap helps search engine spider to crawl through different pages of the website easily. Hence, it is important to create an XML sitemap for better indexing and in turn, the visibility.

6.   Do Not Use Broken Links: the broken links are believed to have bad effect on search engine as well as the user experience; hence it is not considered good for marketing purpose. The website should be thoroughly checked for any broken links.

7.   Increase Back links: Back links offer the needed support to website, thus are believed to be good for ranking as well as credibility. These links result in better ranking as well as traffic to the site.

8.   Image Optimisation: The images on a website are visual elements that grab viewers’ attention immediately. These images should be optimised, using proper keywords. The appropriate description and caption to the images is very useful.

9.   Use Google Webmaster and Google Analytics: The best way to improve upon the efforts is to keep an eye over site’s performance. Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools could be helpful in studying the effect of any initiative taken.Buy SEO Servicesto digital marketing work & getting knowledge of whole Search engine optimization.

10.   Create Robots.TXT: Placing robot.txt file in the root directory of a website helps in its indexing, thus directing search engine to crawl through it.


So, if you want to offer a robust SEO foundation to your site? and want to have SEO-friendly site then please follow the above tips and reap the benefits for you and your company.


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