Integrating Social Media tactics with your current marketing strategies

Social media is one of the emerging marketing channels that has huge potential to serve marketing purpose for many businesses. Social Networks are platforms that both end users and consumers alike can all use to interact between themselves.   As a result of this, it has turned out to be a very effective platform that needs to be integrated with existing marketing strategies. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., are just a few of these social media sites that are no doubt now the hub of social media engagement activities. It can effectively be used to spread the awareness or to reach a targeted segment.


Social Media Marketing Manchestercan be used along with other marketing channels to bring out enhanced marketing returns. Hence, it should not be viewed as a standalone channel, but should always be integrated with other marketing initiatives and communication strategies to deliver the returns. It is, therefore, said that instead of creating social media campaign, all marketing campaigns should be made social. Let’s now walk through the different ways in which we can integrate social media with other marketing channels.

1.   Creation of Twitter account for customer service

Twitter should not only be used for product promotion, content marketing, brand monitoring or customer interaction, but also as customer service matrix. It could be used to respond to customer queries, feedback and concerns.

2.   Integration of Email and Social Media

Social media icons should be included in emails template to link them to your business network. It will let readers find you easily on social media sites. It helps your friends and customers to follow you easily, with just a simple click. Likewise, email campaigns should be posted on social media sites. It could be automated for easy operation.

3.   Coupling good quality content and social media strengthens SEO.

Useful and relevant content can be posted on social media sites to strengthen SEO activities that ultimately improve visibility and search ranking on Search Engine Result Pages.

4.   Targeting of Journalists using Social Media Marketing Cheshire

The role of the journalists, who are often looking for credible sources for new articles can not be ignored, and social media sites are a great hunting ground to find such content. You should focus on posting content that presents you as a thought leader so that journalists can follow you and potentially share your content.

5.   Integration of social media with traditional marketing using Hashtags campaign

Such practices can be very beneficial in attracting prospective customers on topics of shared interest by using the # as filtering mechanism. A well integrated approach using a hashtag campaign can do wonders to your marketing efforts. Hashtags can be created to support content and promotion and using the Hashtag is common practice amongst the bigger brands

6.   Customer rating and reviews can be built within e-commerce websites


Integration of reviews of products using social media sites could earn good credibility for your business. Likewise, syndicating existing content to social network sites can be beneficial in spreading awareness.

So, do you want to take advantage of this marketing approach? Do you want your marketing initiative to use a combined approach? If so then follow these tips and integrate social media with traditional marketing to get desirable returns.


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