Remove bad links for SEO recovery: A Penguin penalty comeback story

Google Penguin penalized numerous of sites that followed unfair practices, such as bad links to gain ranking. It is advisable to seek experts’ assistance and remove these links to get back the improved ranking as well as traffic.


SEO, online marketing strategies have been quite popular since years now. Everybody stepping up into the digital world is aware of the fact that SEO company Stockport helps in improving online visibility, thus bringing upon increased visitors as well as ranking. However, there are many bad tactics that may bring upon results for few days, but are not useful in longer run. Looking into such unfair practices and avoid such websites to gain top positions, Google, the dominant search engine, regularly bring changes in its algorithms. One of the recent changes that negatively impacted such sites turned up with the name of Google Penguin, a new search algorithm.


At one end, where it penalized the sites with invaluable content, while at the same time, the sites with bad links were also trapped. Hence, removing bad links soon become important for SEO recovery. Link building is one of the important SEO strategies that no doubt bring upon the better returns. The websites need to have good links entering it such that it could increase the number of visitors and could contribute to the quality traffic. The incoming links should come from the web pages with good Page Rank; else they are not of much value. Inundating the sites with unreasonable links is neither useful nor bring upon the returns. Hence, the link profile should be strategically planned.

The natural links should have branded terms, including their URLs to get maximum benefits of the incoming visitors. The sites that have dropped in their ranking or have been penalized with the coming of Penguin or Panda should check out their link profile and makes sure that there are enough of good link. The increased number of these links might put the website to spam and thus, may not bring upon marketing returns. A good SEO service provider company makes sure that there are enough of good links to offer robust foundation to your website. It is only then that a link building would be useful.


There are numerous of tools that could be used to check the incoming links to the site. It is always advisable to rely upon a reputed provider who assure of good services. You could also check out these link profiles with the help of various available tools. A proper Search Engine Optimisation Company & It ‘s strategy and the careful planning would help give a solid foundation to your website such that it could reach to an altar and could bring upon the improved ROI.



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