Zool Digital: 5 Website Design Tips for Artists Portfolios

Great personalities need to work up on their portfolios so that they can build up their resumes to attract future prospects. One of the great ways to do this is by creating a modern website which is kept up-to-date with relevant information so that visitors can surf the relevant details, as per their requirements. The change in people’s lifestyles has made it essential for great artists to have an online presence. It should not only be just full of information, but should also have visual appeal and an attractive user- interface. The visual appearance should directly correlate the brand image.

Let’s throw light on a range of website design tips, keeping the importance of artists’ portfolios in mind. Web design Hazel grove gives different tips for artists portfolios.


  1. Screen Space

The important information should be visible before the visitors scroll the webpage. Keeping the website clean, and uncluttered can be useful. The white page enhances the readability of the information.

  1. Showcase

It is certainly not true that you need to showcase your entire work to the audience. Indeed, the best approach to follow is to create a mixture of best work to create an initial impression. The interested prospects would further surf the website for the relevant information. The quality work should be on the landing page to impress the visitors and boost artistic presence.

  1. Colour Scheme

The colour scheme of a Web Design Stockport tells about its should be compatible with the personal ego or the images or visual elements of the website. While creating these artist’s portfolios, only one specific colour should be used as a major colour and one secondary colour for the entire website. There needs to be a contrast between these colours to enhance visual appeal.

  1. Web Page Fonts

Easily readable fonts should always be used. The font size should neither be too small nor too large for visitors to read as it might frustrate the visitors forcing them to leave the page and increase the bounce rate of your site.

  1. Mobile Design

The design of mobile website should be carefully considered. The display of different web elements on different screen sizes should always be checked. The website needs to be optimised, using advanced strategies.


Looking into the above stated tips, designers should try for the mobile friendly website, keeping eye on all of its elements. Besides this point, the navigation should also be carefully looked at to allow users to surf the information without getting lost. So let your fans gather the needed details about your portfolio using the simple website design.


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