Don’t Sacrifice Your Google Rankings by Making These 6 SEO Mishaps

Don’t you want to stay at top of search engine pages? There is no doubt that every marketer works with this intention to never sacrifice on ranking. One follows different marketing approaches to stay at the top and keep business ranking well. Content marketing is one of these tactics that can do wonders to your SEO strategy. At the same time, unfair practices can make you fall into the trap of changing Google’s algorithms. The most important of tactic that can safeguard you from these sudden drops is quality and informative content you can also hire Digital Marketing Agency Cheshire for SEO.


Let’s focus on few of SEO mishaps that could have negative effect on your marketing plan.

  1. Duplicate Content

Copying and pasting content from different websites is one of the techniques to be avoided. Few copywriting companies avoid, but other think it to be okay to have same content on different pages of a website. Indeed, the efforts should be made to rewrite the content for different web pages to resolve the issue.

2. No Updated Content

We should always keep in mind that search engine send spiders to search for the new content. The sites with updated information are expected to rank better that those with the same content for years. Hence, web content writing services always make efforts to update the content from time to time. It would ensure to grab search engine’s attention and improve your ranking through regular cashing.

3.Quantity over Quality

Previously, marketers used to focus more at search engine requirement and thus, use to get more number of pages written and uploaded. Today, it is no longer necessary. One should make use of essential keyword and place it properly in a well designed piece of content to pass on the valuable information to the users. The quality is more important than quantity.

4. Too Many Links

Backlink is no doubts an effective way to bring up SEO results and helps you visitors see you as a leader in the niche. But, too many links will clutter the page and make your site unappealing to search engine as well as users. Hence, it is important to check out the relevancy of links and make use of it wisely.

5. No Social Presence

Social media is one of the growing channels that could start on the interaction and could spread the message to the targeted audience. Hence, social presence should never be ignored and use smartly to pass on important information to the followers.

6. Slow Loading Speeds

The loading time of website is must to be taken into consideration, as slow loading can make your visitors frustrate and force them to leave the page. So, if you want to provide your visitors with valuable information, create an attractive site packed with facts that your readers are looking for.


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