Overcome Google Penguin results by SEO Best Practices

Google has turned out to be the biggest tool in the world of search these days. It has empowered people with a huge database that help them seek awareness in any field. Do you have doubts? Are you looking for an answer to your query? Google has brought in a big relief. Taking advantage of the same, millions of businesses have taken it as an advantage to reach to their audience. They could now use advanced tactics to let their marketing message go viral. Hence, the role of SEO in field of marketing is growing immensely.


Google new updates turn up from time to time, forcing business owners and marketers to look into their strategies and offer the needed services to their users. One such recent update that badly affected the search market is Google Penguin. This algorithm update was announced in April, 2012 to catch the websites that were spamming Google’s search results. It led to crash in ranking of several websites and devaluation of back links from low quality source.

Businesses that were building links through automated network and were creating links through unfair practices were penalized by Google Penguin. These sites used different practices, intentionally to boost search ranking. The study showed that it affected 3.1% of Google queries and targeted websites using black-hat techniques. Those who followed keyword stuffing, duplicate content, link schemes, etc to gain ranking. It was learning for marketers or professionals to avoid usage of black-hat techniques.

Working in the direction to help penalized sites, professionals focus at following tips that helped them overcome Google Penguin results.

  • Detoxifying link profile: Links from different link schemes hurt the ranking. Here, you need to identify such links and remove them, as they simply drag the websites results down. You can add your link profile into disavow file and upload into Google’s webmaster account.
  • Adhering to Google Webmaster Rules: link building through unnatural ways is not advisable. You should indeed, stay stick to Google’s webmaster rules to fetch better results.
  • Using Quality Content: Fresh, unique and informative content is what that could bring you on top. Make sure that your piece of writing is written from user point of view and is able to attract visitors.
  • Putting Best SEO Cheshire practices: Don’t do keyword stuffing. Avoid duplicate content. Use fast loading elements on websites. These practices generally have good impact on ranking.
  • Leveraging Social Media: Social Media is one of the growing channels that have indirect affect on ranking. It could be used to encourage users to start on interactions and bring leads.

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