SearchMetrics Released SEO Ranking Factors For 2014: Content Now Really King?

SEO is a growing marketing area that has captured the market enormously. The online boulevard has opened up the gates for these marketing practices to let business owners take advantage of wide market horizons and attract audience. It is such a dynamic field that professionals need to be active enough in analyzing what is working and what is not. Recently, the study conducted by SearchMetrics came out with SEO ranking factors for 2014. It includes bounce rates, fresh links, time of site, etc.


Let’s look at few of these factors that could do wonder to your website and let your marketing message go viral and offer the needed support to your online business.


Content is King. It cannot be denied that there is a measurable correlation between the quality of content and ranking. It is the area that is continuously in demand, as it offers the needed support to marketing strategies. Moreover, Google’s new updates also brought it to light. Besides it, there are certain proof and relevant terms that support the importance of content in marketing. The length of content continues to increase with good internal linking structure.

Onpage technical SEO

It is also an important part of overall SEO Chesire concept. It is represented by balanced pressure in Title, Description, body, H1, H2, etc. At the same time, the keyword stuffing is still to be avoided. But, the trend towards developing keywords to generate holistic content continues.

Loading time of site

The time the site takes to load is one of the crucial factors to be taken into consideration, as it may frustrate visitors and force them to move to another site. Hence, it is an important performance factor. The architecture structure of the site helps in effective SEO.


Neither the quality nor the quantity of back links should be ignored. It works differently on ranking of the website on search pages.

Social Signals

Social media is a new platform offering the needed strength to marketing strategies. Hence, social signals should be clickable and used at the right place on the web page.

User Signals

User signals include time-on-site and click-through. Both these areas should be looked into for better ranking of the site. The bounce rate is lower for top-ranking URLs.

Hence, if you want your website to perform, make sure that all the web elements are well integrated using the advanced technologies and processes.


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