The Increasing Importance of Onpage SEO

Google has dominated the search market to great extent. Today, it is much easier for people to search for the needed information. A huge database is easily accessible or is juts at the tips of your fingers now. To avoid spamming and stop the unfair practices of marketers or black-hat techniques, Google has turned up with new updates that change its search algorithm and help information rich websites to gain high ranking. These updates have stirred the SEO world, forcing marketers to focus on strategic plan and stay stick to robust foundation, keeping an eye over audience’ needs.


On page SEO is a huge factor that adds to the website ranking. In order to make the best out of it, one should follow general rules and check out what is working and what is not. Focusing at these tactics right from initial stages of website development will help you go a long way to reach organic qualified search engine traffic. On page SEO takes into consideration domain name, hosting, website, framework and all other related aspects. Besides it, good uptime track record, short domain name and self-hosted WordPress websites are also recommended.

Once your website is established, you need to be look into optimization of meta tags, titles, images, robot.txt, sitemap.txt, headings, etc. Here, the optimization should be done for niche and not for keywords. Then, there are chances of passing across, ‘over-optimization’ penalty. In order to avoid it, you need to create your website naturally and not stuff it with desired keywords. Indeed, the keywords should appear naturally and subtly in the site’s content.

Factors to be considered for On-site SEO

What is the need of website optimization? It means adding relevance and authority in the niche. The keyword should not be stuffed; instead, it should appear to make sense in the content. It should be well placed in the website you can also go for zool a well known Digital marketing company, adding to its relevancy. The importance of on-page SEO cannot be denied, but it would only taken you so far, as it can to your competitors

Here, comes into role the importance of off-page SEO that offer strength to your website via content marketing, social media, link building, gaining reviews, etc. users’ needs and interest should be looked into and the interactions and discussions should be started accordingly. Both these tactics, when followed in a strategic manner would give a competitive edge to your website and improve upon the ranking as well as traffic, improving upon the sales figures in turn.


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