Why Social Media Marketing Represents the New Face of PR?

Everybody of us are aware of new Google algorithm that has turned out to be aggressive in recent times, as it has brought in radical changes to target spamming and duplicity of content. These updates hit webmasters hard. Staying committed on its vision to improve upon online users’ experience and driving higher level of customers’ engagement, Google is regularly making changes in its updates and forcing marketers to come up with robust strategies. As a result, content marketing has turned out to be the single most effective means of promoting, sharing information and contributing to brand recognition.


Content marketing is a diverse field, which continuously blur the line between social media and PR. Social media is indeed, turning out to be a viable means or medium for sharing material, leading to customers’ interaction and thus, driving traffic to a website. Keeping it in mind, let’s discuss the benefits of social media to content marketers.

  1. Complying with Google’s algorithm.

Complying with Google’s current algorithm helps you pre-empt future changes and customize your strategy. Though not easy, but it helps Google to crack-down on paid content and article syndication, i.e., rehashing the same content across PR distribution networks. It would directly improve upon the online brand. Keeping it in mind, social media offers an advantage to help you share and promote the content in a natural way. The integrated approach of social media could be used to let the message go viral and generate real-time interactions.

2. Real-time networking with prospects

Sharing content on PR or earned media site allows you share your contact details. Sharing of comprehensive information does not let you build real-time business or host social conversations. On other hand, social media lets you enjoy these advantages as it allows your contacts, clients and prospects to share your content and send you a direct message. This facility of customer’ interaction has given this channel a new height in the field of online marketing.

3. Online Brand Reputation

The world of e-commerce is growing at fast pace that makes online reputation important for businesses. In order to give you’re an extra edge to your business, it is must to spread quality message and avoid inconsistencies. The use of integrated approach of Social Media Marketing Manchester has made the things much easier for consumers, providing them real-time forums. They can now share their reviews and discuss about the quality of brand. Hence, marketers should create consistent message, strengthening the market platform.


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