Digital Marketing

Attaining the Ideal Customer Testimonial Video For Achieving Website Traffic

Whenever a site is created, detailed attention is given to the testimonial page as it consists of lots of feedback, both good and bad. The testimonial page decides how the website will prosper in the market alongside several other websites. In this competitive world, businesses need to go beyond their limitations in order to be at the topmost level. Testimonials can be acquired in the form of written comments or videos. But obviously the credibility of the video testimonials tends to be much more than the written ones. The genuineness of the feedback can be very well understood when people themselves talk about their review.

Beseeching the proper way

When it comes to asking for testimonials, the situation tends to be considered delicate. Asking for reviews too soon can make the website owner look overzealous and fanatical. After a potential client buys a product, they have to be given some time so that they can appreciate the product and then provide the feedback. Of course, it all depends on the product purchased by the customer. However, before shooting the video, permission should be granted by the client.

Few relevant rules

Firstly when it comes to Customer Testimonial Video, in has to be explained to the client that it is just a casual, interactive session otherwise they might get a little frightened. The email has to be addressed to the customer asking them to be prepared for a recording meeting after acquiring their permission. A list of questions to be asked should be presented to them beforehand so that they can prepare themselves accordingly. The customers should be advised that they should wear solid or neutral colours. However, the conversation should never be scripted as if this happens clients may get the wrong impression of the website and assume it is a bogus one.

The strategies for marketing

Customer testimonial videos should incorporate high definition quality film and should be shot with the latest technology so that it impresses the customer as soon as they view it. If the Customer Testimonial Video gives a good impression then, it will also, hopefully, be then shared by the client with his contacts through email or online. Every video should also be shared by the marketing teams.


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