Customer Testimonials Can Create A Powerful Impact On Your Website

Everyone agrees that a powerful testimonial from customers can be an excellent marketing tool for a business. These customer testimonials can be used in a variety of ways, for example, featuring on your websites, social media channels and in leaflets and brochures. Many businesses and their websites do not utilise customer testimonials, which means they’re missing a marketing trick. Customer testimonials in writer or verbal form are a great way for your existing customers to tell your future customers how great you are.

A Powerful, Authentic Voice:

There are many businesses and professionals who have already started using testimonials on their websites. Asking satisfied customers to write a testimonial, or speak on camera for a video testimonial, is an effective and powerful way of lending an authentic voice of satisfaction with your products and services to your website or other promotional material. How often do you read testimonials or reviews before purchasing a product or service?

Visualising Success with Video Testimonials:

If you’d like to create a video featuring Customer Testimonials you need to ensure that it is professionally filmed and edited so that it creates the right impression. A customer testimonial video can be used in a variety of ways, not just on your website and across your social media channels. You can use the completed video in presentations or proposals, as part of an email campaign or they can form part of a corporate video presentation. Creating video is a great way to speak directly to your customer, allowing them to quickly and easily take in information about you, your products and services.

Professional Production:

Creating your own video Customer Testimonials is not an easy task, requiring scripting, filming, editing and post production. Using an experienced to create, edit and embed the video for you will save you time and effort as well as creating the very best video testimonial you could hope for. Hosting video customer testimonials on your website and promoting them across your social media and digital marketing channels can positively promote your business in a stylish and effective way.

Customer Testimonials are an excellent way of communicating to your customers what their experience with your business is likely to be. Using the authentic voice of existing and previous customers will lend authenticity to your website.


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