Video testimonials represent the true quality of your company

There is one thing that you cannot dispute, and that is a video or a video testimonial of your work or product. Presenting your work or product in a video format to prospective clients could significantly increase the chances of you getting their order. Video testimonials are worth more than other written product information because it reproduces the actual picture and inspires confidence in the customer to trust you.

Customer testimonials can be shot in videos and showcased to present genuine feedback of what your company is all about and the quality of work or product you offer to clients.   This is a great way of marketing because customers can actually see your work and also the testimonials of customers who have already used your product. Apart from texts, images and product clips the videos of testimonials can be used on the website so that people visiting your website would see and come to know about the exact product you are offering and its quality.

However, the video testimonials must be shot in a professional way so that your company can be represented properly and adequately. A digital marketing company with experience can shoot the video in full HD and use it in different promotional campaigns such as hosting it on the Internet, for example, YouTube and Vimeo. The customer testimonial video can also be used in other places such as a corporate presentation, or an email campaign. An email promotion with a video included, for example, would prove to be a great hit among customers because they can watch it at leisure at their convenience thus getting more time to decide about your product.

A video promotion can also offer an edge when it comes to competition because most websites are very vague about their products and do not present them with a video testimonial. Another great advantage with the video shoot presentation is that it saves time for the viewers. Websites with a great volume of text may consume more time as the reader has to go through the entire content before they actually come to know about it. In the world where people communicate with fingers on their touch screen you certainly cannot expect people to go through a whole page of text, but a video can certainly work with them because they don’t have to do any hard work to understand a video.

If you want your company represented by a Customer Testimonial Video, find the best digital marketing company in UK, such as Zool Digital, that offers these services and ensure they shoot the best videos and use them in all your promotional campaigns.


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