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Video Testimonials Suggest A Better And More rock-hard Proof Of The Working Efficiency Of An Individual Or Organisation

We are bombarded with advertisements every day of our lives these days, as most companies want to prove that their products or services are better than the next persons. Many people rely on digital marketing agencies to help them to advertise themselves and gain visitors to their websites, but how do you know which digital marketing agency Manchester to choose to help you? Well, one way to see how well they can do their job is to check out the customer testimonials. Customer Testimonials are a form of word-of-mouth marketing where a customer gives feedback about their particular experience of a company’s products or services – good or bad. Many companies these days are choosing to use video testimonials as sources have shown that website visitors who view a video are likely to stay on a site two minutes longer than those who don’t view a video.

In a video testimonial, potential customers get access to true life feedback of the products or services rendered by your company. You can obviously use written testimonials, but using a Video Testimonial is a different approach that more people tend to trust these days. You can use video testimonials to expand on the working quality of your company and send this message to various users through the medium of social media.

Video testimonials can be produced in two ways according to budget and technical availability:

HD Video Testimonials: These Video Testimonials are recorded in high resolution and so that every aspect is displayed in a defined manner. The quality of the contents of these testimonials is very high and is also compatible with most operating systems. These testimonials are also downloadable in every format.

SD Video Testimonials: These are normal video testimonials produced using simple resolutions. The presentation format of these video testimonials then tends to be of an older style. The content, video quality and resolution are normally very simple in these types of videos, but it doesn’t mean that they are not an effective way of advertising.

A customer testimonial video is a really useful tool to have in your advertising arsenal as they help to build trust; they aren’t ‘salesy’, and they can help to overcome scepticism in potential customers.


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