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Build Your Web Pages Striking To Online Customers with Web Design Hazel Grove

A good looking girl will always attract several suitors, and the same can be said about business websites. In the competition filled arena of online businesses only good looking and attractive websites have any chance of landing potential customers. Dull and static websites are likely to be sidelined by online visitors as more attractive, and meaningful websites beckon their attention. Zool Digital Web design Hazel Grove caters to companies in the Stockport and Manchester area, and always makes sure that the websites they design are full of attractive features designed to grab the attention of online visitors.

Some of the features that a website design must have:

Attractive Main Page

The main page or home page of a website must look very attractive because it is the landing page for the visitor and so must make them want to stay there for some time. Colourful page layout, easy to read menu and navigation, compelling headlines and titles are the features that a website home page must have if it is to stop the visitor from moving away.

Interesting Content

The content that fill the various pages of a website must be interesting content that is easy to read and useful to the consumer. Fresh and meaningful content will always make visitors want to read, and this is what a website needs to become popular. Run off the mill content and useless information is likely to bore a visitor and make them move onto another website. Web pages should also contain images and videos that are interesting to watch as they will make the visitors want to extend their stay.

Responsive web pages

The web pages of a website must be quickly responsive to a visitor’s commands. A visitor is likely to jump from one page to another quickly in order to gather information, and slow loading web pages would put them off quickly. Web pages should not make visitors wait eternally when they want to see them as such characteristics would be repulsive to customers. Badly clustered menus are other irritants that would put off visitors. The various menu commands that decorate the web pages must be easy to locate and activate, and they have to be prominent on home pages especially so that the visitors know how to find the rest of the web pages.

A crowded page layout would not show the true intent of the website existence and the same goes to the text font that an owner chooses for the website. Zool Digital Web design Manchester pays great attention to these details when it designs web pages for business websites and ensures that they are one of a kind and very attractive to look at.


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